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In short

Language barriers lead to missed or unprepared hospital appointments, causing stress for patients and time challenges for doctors and staff.

An application that allows patients to automatically receive appointment reminder calls in their mother tongue.

An automated phone call that reminds patients about their appointments and gives them information in their native language.

A significant reduction of missed or unprepared appointments, time wins for health care staff and a rise in efficiency.

Client Ambition

  • RingMe is striving to improve healthcare accessibility for non-native patients by making use of technology.
  • RingMe aims to reduce the number of missed or misunderstood appointments in hospitals due to a language barrier.
  • They want to relieve healthcare employees by reducing manual follow-ups.
person holding phone with the ring me app
Co-founder Guillaume Vande Maele explains the lean approach while standing and pointing towards whiteboard

Client Challenge

  • Often, patients who have difficulties with the language do not show up for their hospital appointments due to communication challenges. This results in losing valuable and expensive time for doctors and interpreters.
  • It takes a considerable amount of time, and it is often not easy for hospital workers to call all patients, explain in a different language, and (re)schedule appointments. This also leads to stressful situations for the patients themselves.
  • Patients sometimes arrive unprepared, for example, without the required documents or information because it was not clear to them.
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Front view of co-founder Chato De Veirman making custom software on his computer


  • An application that allows patients to automatically receive appointment reminder calls in their mother tongue.
  • Patients can then confirm, decline or reschedule their appointment using their phone’s keyboard.
  • The healthcare provider is notified of the patient's responses. Based on these responses, healthcare workers are provided with a list of actions to take, ensuring that they can provide the appropriate follow-up.
  • It allows healthcare providers to enter appointment details for non-native patients, who are then called in their mother tongue before the appointment to receive all necessary information.


  1. A workshop was held in which the pain points were identified through an analysis of the process, and different solutions were discussed.
  2. A study into the various systems that are possible based on integration, technical complexity, and user-friendliness.
  3. Through close collaboration with the three parties and quick feedback rounds in the development phase, quick results were delivered.
  4. With the lean product development principles in mind, maximum value was delivered for a minimum budget. The project was completed on time and within its scope, despite any unexpected challenges that arose during the development process.
  5. We made sure the project is scalable, so it can be enrolled and adapted for other hospitals. The application is ready to scale with the success of RingMe.


  • A reduction of no-show appointments by at least 35%.
  • A reduction of unprepared appointments of 75 per cent.
  • A significant rise in efficiency for the health care workers. Leaving them with more time for other prior tasks.
  • More free spaces for other patients due to on-time cancellations.
  • 1200+ patients have been called by the RingMe application in their native language.

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