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Mobile and web development

Digitalization offers many new opportunities for your company. Well-built web and mobile applications are needed more than ever. They can help you expand your audience, increase your revenue, improve your processes, and future-proof your company...

We can offer the flexibility, expertise, and critical mindset to build exactly what you need: a high-quality digital product that is ready for your future. We help you go from idea to product and from challenge to solution. We’ll discover exactly what you need during our workshops, build and validate a PoC or MVP, or extend your existing products with new features. Finally, we can help you maintain your digital products. In the end, you’ll have a future-proof digital product and a technological partner that supports your dreams and ambitions.


We're living in the era of data. There exist such many data sources it's not easy to cope with them. Useful insights from these data can help you better understand your business, your clients, your products, your processes, and your decisions. Understanding your data gives you the power to grow more, sell more and save more time.

However, it's easy to drown in the velocity with which data is generated, and the volume of information it contains. To avoid this situation, we can help you move from raw data to useful insights. This transition is only possible when data is collected, stored, and analyzed in a performant way. We help you with your data capture and storage challenges by streamlining your data processes and setting up robust database architectures. Finally, we also assist with building systems to automatically analyze, visualize and extract insights from your data.

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Artificial Intelligence

Making your products and processes smarter by using AI can have many advantages. It can save time, reduce costs, improve decision-making, or serve as a feature in your product.

AI will play a big role in our digital future so why not start experimenting with it? We have the expertise and research mindset to explore your AI ideas. We can help you develop custom algorithms, or build machine and deep learning models. We'll guide you through the amazing process of discovering the value AI can bring to your business.

Soft- and hardware connectivity

In the current digital era, every company uses a plethora of technologies: digital tools, systems, hardware sensors... All these technologies offer amazing opportunities to further optimize and grow your business.

However, these technologies can quickly become a hindrance when they do not interoperate well enough, e.g. information is spread over multiple departments lacking a full overview, company processes becoming ineffective, or hardware not being easily programmable.

We can help you connect all your soft- and hardware to regain full control. Need to connect your software with hardware? Need to connect your business software, CRM, or ERP to a new digital tool? Need custom extensions on your business software, CRM or ERP? We make sure you get exactly what you need without a large overhead.

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