start small, grow big

Tired of costly innovations that fail to deliver?

Don't just jump, choose to SLIDE.

Tired of costly innovations that fails to deliver? Let's start building software that really makes an impact. Bring value to the table.

Instead of jumping straight into development, our SLIDE methodology takes a calculated approach. Escape uncertainty by prioritizing on your core challenge — the problem you need to solve. By focussing on your problem, we identify better and more cost-effective solutions that deliver tangible results. From research to validation to implementation, and continuous improvement. This way, we are driving your real and lasting impact.

Search for opportunities

Don't start building without knowing the ins- and outs- of the problem you want to solve. We always start with gaining in-depth knowledge of your problem during workshops. Once we understand your problem, we collaborate to find opportunities for solving it.

co-founder Manu De Buck in meeting about problem solving
Dead equity reducer 9000

“The interactive workshops really guided us toward understanding the problem we were trying to solve. This way we knew where the most impact could be made in a cost-efficient way.”

COO @ mace legal
co-founder Chato making custom software

Learn their value

There are many opportunities for solving your problem. But which one is the best? It is important to search for the opportunity that delivers the most value. We'll help you find and analyze them. So, don't spend large budgets on unvalidated solutions. Spend smaller budgets on the ones that are validated.

After analyzing the value of the opportunities, you decide which solution to implement. Don't worry! Our detailed report guides you in your decision.

Implement maximal value

You decide on your preferred solution, we build it. Through our agile and qualitative development process, we build a software product that will bring you real and lasting value.

software engineer coding, programming, developing, working on project
software engineer Timon, programming and coding

Determine the impact

We know that SLIDE will make an impact and we're proud to show you so. That's why we always come back to show you what impact your software has made. We analyze the data and interview end-users. We confirm our hypotheses that led to building your solution. No more doubts about the impact of your innovation.

“We were looking for more insights into our internal company data. Through our collaboration with we are, we’re able to develop a tool that can deliver that insight. We now look forward to the next steps.”

Business partner @ SVR-ARCHITECTS

Evolve and improve

The world is constantly evolving, we help you stay up-to-date. Keep in mind that software is never finished. First of all: it needs maintenance. Second of all: you want to evolve and improve to maintain your technological advantage. That's why we always say: "start small, grow big".

Co-founder Guillaume Vande Maele explains the lean approach while standing and pointing towards whiteboard
The benefits of the slide methodology versus the classical software development methodology

How SLIDE drives results

  • Our problem-focused approach. Instead of jumping straight into solutions, we prioritize understanding your problem at its core.
  • Our collaborative mindset. We believe that the key to succes lies in close collaboration with you and your end-users.
  • Our lean philosophy. We strive by maximal value for minimal cost, through the lean principles. Start small, grow big.
up to 3x
faster go to market
14 weeks
Avg. trajectory Duration
Successful SLIDEs
Back view clients looking at product design, web applicationperson holding phone with the ring me app
we are salesperson Guillaume, portrait photo
Co-founder @ we are

Ready to SLIDE?

Let's discuss how the SLIDE methodology can help solve your problem or grow your business! Book a call with Guillaume, he would love to show how we can deliver you real impact.
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