Employee spotlight: timon

For the past three months, Timon extended the team as a software engineer. Timon graduated as a computer science engineer at the University of Ghent with a specialization in artificial intelligence and will soon start his second master in economics. Timon always remains positive and joyous, is a strong team player and communicator, and is extremely talented. He, therefore, is a real asset to the team.

During his time with us, Timon worked on several projects ranging from backend development to big data science in which he frequently astonished the whole team with his insights. We really wanted everyone to get to know Timon, so that is why we’ve asked him some questions.

what are your hobbies?

In my spare time, I like to play the guitar, play futsal, go out with friends and read fantasy books. I also work on some personal programming projects, one of which is a project for my student association Moeder Meetjesland where I have been an active board member for the past three years.

what was your proudest moment in the past few months?

There’s not one particular moment that comes to my mind. However, every moment where the team and I successfully implemented a new feature into the software or the moments where we could deliver our finished product to the client were moments that I am proud of.

how would you describe the team?

There are many ways to describe our team at we are: talented and motivated, eager to learn, intelligent, and great team players... For every problem that rises, we always find a solution. It’s not like working in a big company where everyone just comes to work, does what they’re told, and then goes home. It feels like working together with friends, aiming to build the best possible product to satisfy the needs of our clients.

how has the team helped you in your personal development?

I've learned much about programming during my time at we are. Manu and Chato taught me a lot about best code practices, how a backend can be built in a scalable way, and how I could improve my coding skills... I even learned many new programming languages and software tools. These skills will certainly help me boost my future career.

what’s your current goal in life?

My current goals are focused on the next academic year; I want to successfully complete my second degree, Master of Science in Business Economics, sport more and eat a bit healthier than I currently do and read more books. I’m also trying to learn as much as possible about programming and improve my soft skills. My bigger goal for the next few years is to build a career in a company that I love and enjoy the job that I do.

your house is burning down, and you can only save one (non-living) thing, what do you save?

My laptop of course, otherwise I can’t work further on the latest projects at we are 😉.

if you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Without a doubt Sparta Pils! The beer is brewed in my hometown Ertvelde, in the brewery Van Steenberge. I’m not trying to advertise anything, but I have to admit they have a lot of tasty beers like Augustijn and Piraat and out of all of them, Sparta Pils is my absolute favorite.

by which quote are you living lately?

I recently stumbled upon a simple, yet meaningful quote:

It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.
John Templeton

It sounds straightforward, but living up to it is not always as easy as you would think.

Thank you for your time, Timon. We had a blast working together with you and learned a lot while doing so. The best of luck with your further studies and we hope to see you back soon!

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