Problem solving

You might just have a concept for a product, a problem you want to solve or a process you want to improve using technology. Unfortunately, very often companies let their product ideas get dusted in or remain reserved towards improving their processes using technology. Why? Well, sometimes these companies have insufficient expertise or resources to do so themselves. That’s why want to put our expertise together to tackle your challenge.

Agility is of significant importance for keeping a leading market position, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. To prepare your company for tomorrow, you can’t work like you did yesterday. Therefore, it is important to embrace technology for solving your problems, optimizing your processes, or building new products. This could lead to your company improving efficiency, reducing costs, or increasing your revenue.

We’re here to bring our expertise to the table, help you build new products, solve your problems and improve your processes! In what follows, we list some means for achieving this.

web and mobile development

A web application has its major advantages that it is widely accessible and highly flexible. Accessible, since nowadays almost all devices have access to the web. Flexible, because it almost seems like web applications have no limits regarding functionality.

Furthermore, today, mobile applications are everywhere. We listen to music, read the news, communicate with friends, swipe right to find dates, and pay our bills. All while using our mobile phones. In many scenarios a mobile application is the ideal means for your product idea, to solve a problem you’re having, or to optimize your processes…

We love to build beautiful, scalable, user-friendly, and accessible web and mobile applications. Our focus is always on the experience of the end-user, as that is key, all while shipping the necessary features. While doing this, we make sure to keep the future maintenance of the project as simple as possible. No ramshackle application ever leaves our hands!

embedded software development

Building hardware is one thing, but usually, hardware is quite useless without software. Building embedded software is the solution in this scenario, where software is often developed to run very fast, and efficiently and to use little resources. Most often embedded software is written for microcontrollers of robots and other devices.

We have strong knowledge and experience in low-level languages that are suited for embedded software development. Our background as engineers aids in understanding the complexities of building efficient software for microcontrollers controlling motors etc.

cloud development

Cloud development is a term for a collection of techniques, tools, and services to develop software using a cloud-based software development infrastructure. We’re constantly on the lookout for new emerging technologies and continue to train our expertise in them.


Whereas many believe Web3 is all about crypto, it is in fact all about decentralization. Web2 is the era of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many others. What they have in common is that they all are having their walled garden of (our) data, centralized with them. Interoperability between those Web2 mastodons is absent, and innovation is nowhere to be seen.

Web3 aims to decentralize data, ensuring innovation and interoperability. With techniques such as linked and open data, reasoning on data, and — albeit not always the best solution — blockchain technologies innovation, data semantics, and data ownership can become a thing of the future.

We understand the problems to be tackled and see opportunities for doing this. We have a sound understanding of blockchain technologies and their mathematical origins. We know how to build and explore open, linked data, and how to add semantics and reason to the data.

internet of things

Everything is getting connected to the internet. Doorbells can detect packages on your porch, your smart fridge knows when your milk becomes sour and your thermostat can increase the temperature while heading home after a long working day.

The internet of things will become a big part of the future. We can assist you with building your internet of things innovations, by developing software both embedded and in the cloud. Thanks to our knowledge of information security, we always put security in the first place.


No worries if you’re feeling confused and wondering which means are ideal for your case. We’re here to make sure to find the perfect fit. We’ll guide you in the decision process and make sure that you fully understand our reasoning. Because we find that clear communication is very important.

Convinced we can prepare you for tomorrow? Let’s join forces!