Quick experiments

Once in a while, you might just want to build a proof of concept of an idea (e.g. to try and raise funding, to validate your idea with the public…). Or, maybe, you want to experiment with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data?

Unfortunately, very often companies let their great ideas get dusted in, or avoid experimenting with emerging technologies. Why? Usually, these companies have insufficient expertise in these domains or simply have insufficient internal resources to get started.

Currently, agility is of significant importance for keeping a leading market position, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. To prepare your company for tomorrow, you can’t work like you did yesterday. Therefore, it is important to keep exploring new technological possibilities for your company aiming to improve your efficiency, reduce costs, and increase your revenue.

We’re here to bring our expertise to the table, help you explore new ideas, and ensure you are prepared for battle! In what follows, we propose several of our approaches for achieving this.

artificial intelligence experimenting sprint

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into many industries nowadays. This might make you wonder: “could artificial intelligence be of use to us too?”. We’re here to help you find out!

Our AI experts will dive deeper into your problem or use case during an artificial intelligence experimenting sprint. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and big data science are no strangers to us. With state-of-the-art techniques, we aim to gain new insights from your data, provide better or more efficient solutions to problems you have to tackle, and much more.

Results obtained during this sprint could improve your business process, and decision-making, or be a perfect starting point for building an ai-based product improving your efficiency, and reducing costs.

proof of concept sprint

In a proof of concept sprint, we’re looking into the technical feasibility of a new idea. We build a prototype of your product in a very short time, all while closely working together. This proof of concept is the ideal starting point to validate your idea with the market or the users, do an assessment of the improvements this idea could bring, or perform fundraising.

A proof of concept usually focuses on the must-haves of your idea. Fancy extras are still omitted to speed up the development and provide you with the core solution in a few weeks. The resulting product of this sprint can thereafter be assessed and validated. In the case of a successful proof of concept, this can be the perfect starting point to start building your minimum viable product.

minimum viable product sprint

Do you have a product idea but no time or resources to build it? Well, that’s exactly why we are here. During a minimum viable product sprint, we will build a qualitative product around your product idea. With intensive workshops, we scope and design the first version of your product. During a period of a few weeks up to a few months, your product is built in different iterations.

With your minimum viable product, you have a qualitative product, which can be used by you and/or your customers.

Once finished your product enters the grow phase, where your minimum viable product is gradually upgraded with new features and updates. This can be done by us or by an internal team — which we are happy to train into maintaining your product.

Convinced we can prepare you for tomorrow? Let’s join forces!