Tech screening

Very often companies stick to outdated processes and remain reserved about improving them using technology. Why? Adapting to new processes can be a challenging task. Sometimes these companies have insufficient expertise or resources to do so themselves. That’s why want to put our expertise together to tackle your challenge.

Agility is of significant importance for keeping a leading market position, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. To prepare your company for tomorrow, you can’t work like you did yesterday. Hence, it is important to embrace technology for improving your internal processes. This could lead to your company improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing revenue.

We’re here to bring our expertise to the table, help you build new products, solve your problems and improve your processes! In what follows, we list some means for achieving this.

tech screening

You’re already using technology for improving your efficiency, reducing your costs, and increasing your revenue? Great, that’s what technology is for! But are you sure your technologies aren’t outdated? That all of your systems and data are still secure, your data are regularly back-upped, and your policies remain up to date?

Technology moves faster than ever before. Therefore, using technology comes with many important points of attention. Hence, it is recommended to do a regular check-up of your systems, policies, and workflows.

internal process screening

Efficiency is key. But how efficient are you? With an internal process screening, we’ll get detailed insights about one or multiple of your internal (company) process(es). Several workshops are organized to understand every aspect of the process(es). Every relevant party is involved in this workshop to assure a complete overview.

The insights we gain from these workshops are the start of an intensive study in which the process(es) are analyzed in depth. This study leads to recommendations for improving your process(es) using technology. The results of this study are the ideal starting point for implementing new technologies or building new products!

gdpr screening

Since the 25th of May 2018, every company operating in Europe is obliged to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR gives European citizens several rights regarding their personal data and companies several obligations regarding the data of citizens. Not complying with the GDPR can lead to large fines. Hence, it is very important to take the GDPR into account. The GDPR has implications for your website, web and mobile applications, email processes, personnel data, supplier data, customer data…

Complying with the GDPR, although very important, isn’t always pi-nuts. It requires strong knowledge of the GDPR, technology, and law. Therefore technological and juridical assistance is no luxury. With a GDPR screening, we audit the (technological) implementation of your processes, the data flow of your applications… This audit gives insights into possible infringements and the next steps to be undertaken in order to comply with the GDPR.

Convinced we can prepare you for tomorrow? Let’s join forces!