Contrary to many digital consulting companies, we don’t want to keep our knowledge internally. Neither do we want to keep your products with us. If you want to build an internal team to take over the maintenance of your project, we’re happy to help!

project maintenance training

We provide project maintenance training. It’s that simple. We provide training to your internal team such that they can maintain the project we built, themselves. We don’t want to keep a monopoly over your product, we want you to thrive. So, if you ever decide to take on the maintenance of your project once finished, we’d love to give training.

During project maintenance training we give presentations on the parts of the project. We go a little more in-depth into the technological choices that were made and the architecture of the project. We furthermore present and explain the technological hurdles that were taken, such that your team gains insight into them.

A week after the project maintenance training we schedule one or more — depending on the wish of your team — meetings in which we answer specific questions that arose during the onboarding of your team.

Don’t you worry if you don’t have, nor want, an internal team. We’re completely fine with doing the maintenance ourselves, too! Once your project is nearing the finish, we’ll come together to look at what we both think is necessary.

intro to gdpr

Basic knowledge of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can prove beneficial for many companies. In an intro to GDPR workshop, we will guide you towards understanding the basics of GDPR. You will get all the insights needed, and we will adapt specific parts of the workshop to the niche of your company.

We will present you with good and bad practices, challenge you with specific cases, and more. This will make sure you understand the basic principles and can start implementing and enforcing them.

Convinced we can prepare you for tomorrow? Let’s join forces!