We opened our office

Entrance of the we are office.

Great news! Last week we officially opened our office in Ghent. We’re very proud of this next big step forward. For nearly half a year we were stationed in the co-working space of the University of Ghent. We had an amazing time there, however, the time came to have our own office in the heart of Ghent. So we did.

the launch event

To celebrate the opening of our own office, we organized an event to which we invited our clients and beloved partners. It went on to become an amazing evening with tasty mocktails served by Coyoa, a startup from Ghent, delicious catering by Poef, and only amazing people.

Networking during the we are launch event.
Poef catering providing amazing food during the opening of the we are office.

Our sole purpose wasn’t to celebrate opening our office. In fact, we love to bring people with interesting ideas together. That way, our launch event became the ideal catalyst for cross-fertilization, leading to many new ideas and insights amongst all attendees. We’re all in this together, because only together we can grow bigger, smarter and stronger.

Networking during the we are opening event. The we are logo is seen on the background.
Networking during the we are opening event.
Networking during the we are opening event.

Furthermore, we had the honor to welcome Sofie Bracke, alderwoman of economy, commerce, sport, and harbor in Ghent. Sofie Bracke surprised us with a captivating presentation on the tech landscape of Ghent, and the importance of collaboration in entrepreneurship. Moreover, we both share the same goal, and that’s to grow Ghent into becoming the tech capital of Europe. Basing our company in the heart of Ghent brings this goal one step closer. Additionally, we’re actively supporting start-ups in Ghent in building and growing their technological solutions.

Sophie Bracke, schepen van Stad Gent, is present at our opening. Sophie is responsible for the digital innovation in the city of Ghent. It is a vision that we share strongly.
Sophie Bracke, schepen van Stad Gent, gives a speech on our opening event.
Sophie Bracke with the co-founders of we are.

the office

We’re all software engineers, so why not work from home? We know video calls exist, but still, we really love to:

  • be able to quickly and easily help each other out;
  • have in-person meetings — both with the team and our clients;
  • have a place where we can use a lot of room during workshops or meetings;
  • lunch together and have fun during breaks;
  • host an after-work on Friday evenings 🎉,
  • but above all: work hard.

Many more reasons exist, but we don't think it's necessary to list them here.

Do you want an excuse to visit our office? Let’s get in touch!