Why we care about your future

One of our core principles is to always keep the future in mind when solving problems. That’s also the reason why we claim to be future-proof. Because, to prepare your technology for tomorrow, you can’t work like you did yesterday.

why build future-proof products?

Now, you might wonder, why care? Why lose time thinking about the future instead of just diving into solving the problem?

Once a technological solution is built for your problem, it might just happen that after a while updates are required. This seems obvious, right? We think so too!

However, during the design of a solution, certain architectural decisions have to be made. These architectural decisions might complicate updating your solution.

Performing large updates to your architecture can become costly. And just like you, we want to avoid this. So, let’s try to explain a few reasons why we’re thinking about the future.

technology moves fast

It is no secret that technology moves fast. Every day new technologies arise, and old ones become deprecated. Since you don’t want your products or processes to become outdated straight away, we find it very important to make sure the best technology is chosen for your specific problem.

things change

Things change over the years. Think about societal changes or economical changes. Or maybe structural changes within your company. These changes could impact your technological solutions. The result? Your software will need an update.

However, these updates shouldn’t necessarily lead to having to build your product from scratch again — since this would become very costly. And that is why we are certain that designing excellent solutions should always start with thinking about the future. The purpose? To reduce future costs.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Alan Kay

things grow bigger

A technological solution was built for your problem.  But after a while, a new idea comes up. Could something be added to your product? Can we extend your solution? Most probably our answer will be: yes, of course! However, if these changes imply architectural changes, this could lead to extra costs.

Nevertheless, it might have been possible to anticipate these new changes and build the architecture in such a way that future updates become less costly.

how do we do this?

For every project we start, we advise holding a future-scoping workshop with you. Depending on the perceived size of the project, this workshop takes around half a day.

In this workshop, we anticipate the future challenges your solution might face.  Which external factors could influence your solution? What possible updates didn’t you think about just yet? Afterward, our experts will analyze the results of this workshop and take these findings into account when designing the architecture of your solution. Just to make sure your technology is ready for tomorrow.

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