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Mace is a legal company navigating founders through the legal maze. From co-founder alignments, to fundraising, to stock options, to an exit. With their hands-on and no-nonsense approach, they’re the ideal legal partner for start- and scale-ups.

With this mindset they disrupt the legal scene, making a real tangible impact for founders. They even wanted to go further and innovate the legal scene using technology. Their goal? Empowering entrepreneurs with a legal tech solution for shareholder agreements.

Start with the challenge

Don't start from a solution, start from the challenge. That's our first advice for companies that want to innovate using our SLIDE methodology.

During the workshops we dove deeper into understanding the challenge at hand: the problem of death equity in founding teams (you can read about death equity on the site of mace).

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“The interactive workshops really guided us toward understanding the problem we were trying to solve. This way we knew where the most impact could be made in a cost-efficient way. I believe many companies could benefit from these workshops.”

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Let's solve the dead equity issue

Having a clear understanding of the problem, it was time to search opportunities for solving them.

During our solution brainstorm session many solution approaches arose. After a collaborative value-analysis of the possible solutions in terms of costs, feasibility and product-market fit, one solution stood out.

Why don't we allow founders to create shareholder agreements by themselves — without the need for a lawyer?

Through our lean and agile collaboration we created real value

  • In only 4 weeks the first version was ready for testing.
  • During weekly standups feedback was gathered to be implemented in the following weeks. Quick feedback loops resulted in quick results.
  • In fewer than 12 weeks the MVP was ready for the market.

Build software delivering real value

From idea, to prototype, to MVP. In fewer than 12 weeks the product was ready for the market. 

Through weekly standups and quick feedback loops we succeeded in building real value in only little time. Quick feedback loops resulted in quick results.

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Back view clients looking at product design, web application
the result

In close collaboration with mace we built the Dead Equity Reducer 9000

This web application offers founders the possibility to be facilitated in the intellectual exercise of an important part of a shareholders’ agreement. You can do it at your own time, place and pace. No need to spend any money.

In need of further legal assistance? Better call mace!

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Innovate with your own MVP?

Let's discuss how our SLIDE methodology can help solve your problem or grow your business! Book a call with Guillaume, he would love to show how we can deliver you real impact.
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