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In short

One of Mace Legal’s services is making shareholder agreements. This service involves repetitive and time-intensive document preparation and drafting.

A digital tool that dynamically generates the shareholder agreement during live discussions with the shareholders.

Together with Mace, we went all the way from the problem and the idea to a proof of concept and minimal viable product.

More time for Mace to focus on details and complex matters, 50% more sales, 3 times faster process and increased profit margins.

Client Ambition

  • Mace is a legal company specialised in helping founders from start- and scale-ups to navigate through the legal maze. With their hands-on and no-nonsense approach, they successfully disrupt the legal scene.
  • They want to innovate the legal scene by using technology to optimize processes. The aim is to empower founders and make more time to focus on the social aspect with their customers.
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Client Challenge

  • To better realize their ambition, some processes could be supported by technology to work more efficiently and reduce costs for their clients.
  • One of their services is making shareholder agreements. Preparing this document is very time intensive and some of it is fairly repetitive work.
  • They always have a very long conversation with the client, but after that, the process of drafting the document has yet to begin, making it so time-intensive.

“The interactive workshops really guided us toward understanding the problem we were trying to solve. This way we knew where the most impact could be made in a cost-efficient way. I believe many companies could benefit from these workshops.”

COO @ Mace
Back view clients looking at product design, web application


  • A digital tool that guides founders in the thought process of creating a Shareholder agreement. The tool is called the Death Equity Reducer 9000. (It's a bit like the Nimbus 2000 for legal firms)
  • This web application autonomously generates the document based on responses to a set of questions. This enables founders to prepare in advance without a lawyer, significantly reducing the legal costs for founders as well.
  • Instead of writing everything down during the meeting with the shareholders and drafting the document afterwards, the tool enables Mace to dynamically generate the agreement during live discussions with shareholders. At the end of the meeting, the entire shareholder agreement is finalised.
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  1. We started from the challenge: during the workshops, we dove deeper into understanding the challenge. After that, it was time to search for different opportunities to solve them.
  2. After a collaborative value analysis of the possible solutions in terms of costs, feasibility and product-market fit and ambitions of Mace, one solution stood out.
  3. In the development phase, close collaboration and quick feedback loops were maintained. Quick feedback loops resulted in quick results.
  4. In only 4 weeks the first version was ready for testing.
  5. In fewer than 12 weeks the tool was ready for the market.

“Since our shareholder process has been optimized, we have more time for client interactions and in-depth conversations”

COO @ Mace


  • 50% more leads: Mace has now become a more appealing partner for starting entrepreneurs. Additionally, they have more time to assist new customers, as the process has been significantly sped up.
  • Mace was able to optimise its shareholder agreement process, making it go 3 times faster than before.
  • By allowing the tool to take over repetitive tasks from Mace, they have more time to focus on details and more complex matters during discussions.
  • Increased profit margins

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