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In short

Upgrade Estate wanted to better involve its investors but experienced a lack of time and expertise to bring their vision fully to life.

A user-friendly mobile and web platform for investors with all sorts of features. The platform is scalable for future growth and includes full maintenance services.

Establishment of the technical foundation, building the application in co-creation, and providing technical guidance and advice throughout the process.

The client was able to keep the tight deadline. The satisfaction and engagement of existing investors have increased, making it more appealing for new investors to invest in Upgrade Estate.

Client Ambition

  • Upgrade Estate aims to enhance engagement with its investors, ensuring a more involved and informed investment experience.
  • They want investors to be able to track their investments more effectively and receive information about their investments and benefits at all times, including access to events and news.
  • They aim to make their projects more appealing to new investors and enhance the satisfaction of existing investors.

Client Challenge

They faced a shortage of time and the right expertise to finish the project within the tight deadline. They needed advice for the further development of their application

“It is a pleasure to work with a young, dynamic team like we are. With smooth communication, expertise and enthusiasm, they take your web and mobile applications to the next level”

Heleen Gistelinck
Marketing Coördinator @ Upgrade Estate
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  • An application that empowers investors to check their investments anytime, explore ongoing projects, receive real-time information about their investments, see dashboards and access exclusive benefits and events. The application is scalable with the success and scale of Upgrade Estate.
  • An integrated loyalty program with the application that encourages investors to actively engage and anticipate. This is connected to an automated reward system.
  • A full maintenance service to make sure the platform is available at any time and new features can easily be added. With this also the constant availability to sit together and contemplate new functionalities.
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  1. Due to the project's tight deadline and urgent need for assistance, our quick response and flexible approach allowed us to start promptly and make rapid progress.
  2. We started by providing a lot of technical advice and guidance. We supported them throughout the entire process, assisting on both strategic and technical fronts.
  3. We developed and built the application together with the team of Upgrade Estate. We consistently prioritise sustainable programming from the outset, ensuring the code is future-proof. This means the application is always ready to scale with the client's success, accommodating the seamless addition of new features.
  4. A full maintenance service to ensure the application is always running smoothly.

“we are's knowledge has taken our digital platform to the next level.”

Heleen Gistelinck
Marketing coördinator @ Upgrade Estate


  • Upgrade Estate successfully met the tight deadline through close collaboration.
  • The satisfaction and engagement of existing investors have increased significantly, with a great user experience on top.
  • The advanced platform is making it more appealing for new investors to start investing. The platform can be used by Upgrade Estate to attract new investors more easily.

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