Bringing visions to life: a tool to help you find the right psychological healthcare

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In short

Mia needed a proof of concept for their idea to help patients in finding the right psychological healthcare.

A web application that recommends suitable psychologists through a customized recommender system.

From idea to proof of concept to validated tool in only 8 weeks. Fast development with a lean method resulted in quick validation and testing.

A proof of concept that is ready to launch and scale for a big user base.

Client Ambition

  • Mia wants to address the issue of having too many intake conversations with psychologists who aren't an ideal fit or with whom there's no connection. Finding the right psychological healthcare is incredibly important.
  • they aim to create a digital solution to quickly and easily help you in finding the right psychologist.
Co-founder Guillaume Vande Maele explains the lean approach while standing and pointing towards whiteboard

Client Challenge

  • They needed a custom software solution tailored to their needs. Especially because a system needed to be developed that would provide personalized suggestions.
  • Mia was searching for a long-term software partner who could assist them in creating a proof of concept. They also sought a partner who could support them in rapidly and efficiently building their application using lean methodologies.

“We chose to collaborate with we are because we truly felt they grasped the concept and were able to brainstorm alongside us.”

co-founder Mia
Front view of co-founder Chato De Veirman making custom software on his computer


  • A digital tool with a suggestion algorithm. The tool will recommend suitable psychological healthcare based on your personal information, feelings, needs, location and preferences.
  • The tool also displays all needed information and availabilities of the psychologists that have been suggested for you.
  • The tool includes a recommender system, specially built for Mia. This system enables personalized suggestions through a series of questions the patients have to answer. A recommender system ensures a very good user experience.
per week update meetings with MIA
1 or 2
intake conversations instead of 4
15 min
to find suitable healthcare


  1. Mia approached us with the idea and wanted to further develop and validate it. Together we elaborate the idea and worked out the technical side of the tool.
  2. We are provided advice, guidance and support for the rapid development of a lean software product.
  3. The tool was developed in co-creation. Weekly meetings were held to ensure Mia's input and quickly respond to feedback.
  4. After 8 weeks, a proof of concept was achieved. This is the initial working version of the tool.
  5. With this proof of concept, validation could be sought from the target audience. This means that the application was ready to be tested by the public.

“They motivated us to think big and didn't hold us back from dreaming, even with a limited budget and tight deadline”

co-founder Mia


  • A proof of concept demonstrating that the tool fully functions, resonates well in the market, and thus can be further developed.
  • A tool developed with future-proof code, making the application ready to scale to a large user base.
  • Expected outcome: reducing the average of 4 intake conversations required to find a suitable psychologist to 1 or 2.
  • It only takes 15 minutes to find psychological healthcare that suits your needs.

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