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In short

Mindlab wanted to develop their validated PoC and upgrade it into a real application. They wanted to incorporate the feedback of end-users when developing their digital product.

An interactive web application with learning modules, tests, a dashboard, info and features like a face scan for health parameter measurement.

Ideation and creation of the platform in close collaboration, validating the proof of concept and iterating based on users’ feedback.

A digital platform with over 17.000 active users that helps improve the mental health of individuals and employees.

Client Ambition

  • Mindlab’s ambition is to make mental health care accessible to everyone. Everyone should be able to work on their mental health, no matter the time, money or location.
  • By also focusing on the use for business, the mental health of employees is shed to light and companies can proactively react.
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Client Challenge

  • Mindlab needed a software partner to validate their idea, develop it technically, and build it.
  • The platform needed to be quickly deployable and built in a future-proof manner to scale effectively in case of significant success.
  • Mindlab aimed to incorporate extensive user feedback into their platform, necessitating flexibility and room for adaptation.

“The accessibility and quick transition from idea to output are strong assets of we are. They handle defined tasks and deadlines with great care. Top-notch service!”

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  • An interactive web application that helps you understand and improve your mental health. It contains learning modules and tests on different topics to gain insights into your well-being. It also provides extra information and podcasts.
  • The platform integrates some cool features like the Intelliprove face scan. You can use your smartphone or laptop camera to obtain information about your heart rate, respiration, ANS balance, and more.
  • A dashboard has been integrated into the web tool. The dashboard shows individuals’ personal progress, results and reports. Businesses can use the dashboard to see information about employees’ overall happiness and well-being.
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  1. Mindlab had the idea to create a digital mental health platform.
  2. In close collaboration, we built a proof of concept. This was the first version of the platform.
  3. This first version could be validated and tested by potential users.
  4. Through multiple feedback, developing and testing rounds, the platform was fully adapted to all feedback and wishes of the end users and the client.
  5. We don’t develop and run, we hold true to our ‘partner for life’ value. We maintain the application and provide assistance whenever necessary.

“They place great emphasis on customer satisfaction, achieved through clear and transparent communication regarding expectations, timing, and pricing. A strong team of young, driven professionals delivering high-quality service outcomes. I highly recommend them”

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  • Businesses can proactively react based on the dashboard and the reports of their employees (which are anonymous).
  • More than 17,000 active users. The platform is ready to scale for even more users.
  • In less than three years, Mindlab successfully onboarded over 100 companies as clients and was awarded the prestigious Trends Impact Award in the wellbeing category within its first year.
  • As a result of Mindlab's remarkable success and significant growth, they have been acquired by BloomUp, a company that shares the same mission.

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