Can you also build apps

We’re often asked if we could build a mobile app, a web application, or connect multiple APIs with each other. But can we? Well, of course, we can! Our team has a plethora of expertises. We’re experienced in, among other things, web and mobile development, cloud development, artificial intelligence research, embedded software development, web3, internet of things

let’s not just build an app…

There’s a simple explanation why our website doesn’t just present a big banner “we build your mobile app!”. For us, a mobile application or web application is not a goal in itself. We see it as a resource in order to achieve a goal.

what do you do then?

You have a challenge you want to tackle. Let’s say you want to avoid a large burden of paperwork being transferred between two distinct teams within your company. Fur us, the goal is to solve this burden of paperwork, and a mobile or web application can be the resource to reach this goal.

Usually, we don’t say “let’s just build an app” straight away. We first dive into your challenge and research the possible solutions. Only then do we look at what resource is the best suited for your challenge. In doing this we keep resource and cost-efficiency in mind.

but can you?

Yes, we can build apps. But we can do much more, too. Let’s get in touch and see how we can help you tackle your challenges. We find transparency very important. Therefore, we will always be completely honest in telling you we can or cannot tackle your challenge. In the latter case, we can rely on our network of experienced partners and experts to help you in the best way possible.

Ready to find out how we can help you tackle your challenges? Get in touch!